How to code a Quarkus REST Client

This article is a walk through Quarkus REST Client API using MicroProfile REST Client. We will develop a basic REST Endpoint and then we will set up a simple Client project with a Service interface for our REST Service.

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What is Quarkus (2022) ?

Quarkus is a framework you can use to develop distributed systems and modern applications in Java, Kotlin, or Scala. Quarkus applications are tailored for the Cloud, containers, and Kubernetes.

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How to create Quarkus Command Mode applications

Quarkus is set of technologies to develop an entire Microservice architecture. The foundation of this architecture is typically an HTTP server, serving REST Endpoints. It is however also possible to create powerful Java scripts using Quarkus advanced sets of APIs. In this tutorial we will learn how to create standalone Quarkus applications with a bare simple main entry point.

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What’s new with Quarkus 2.0 and how to get started quickly

Quarkus 2.0 has been released! In this article, we will cover the highlights of the new major version and the requirements to get started or migrate to this exciting new version. Quarkus 2.0 aims to bring ease of development at an even higher level. There are several improvements in the tooling area and the major … Read more