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Explore the depths of core Middleware technologies—JBoss/WildFly application server, Jakarta EE API, and the cutting-edge Quarkus framework—with our comprehensive training programs. Whether you seek on-site immersion or remote learning, our courses offer tailored experiences to deepen your understanding and proficiency within these pivotal technologies.

On site training

Step into the world of middleware technologies within the comfort of your offices. Our on-site training spans across Europe and North America. We cater to diverse group sizes, with optimal results achieved within a range of 4 to 20 participants. Simply bring your laptops, and we’ll handle the rest::

  • Course materials
  • Software required to run the course
  • Pre/course assistance to meet your training goals
  • Post/course evaluation by means of questionnaires

On line training

Distance is no barrier to your learning journey with WildFly and Enterprise Middleware. Our remote training caters to individuals seeking personalized one-on-one sessions and larger classroom-style interactions (up to 20 participants). We employ intuitive yet robust tools for effective knowledge sharing and engagement. To enrich your learning experience, we proactively set course requirements and foster discussions that drive course relevance and interactivity.

Adaptable Learning, Globally Accessible

Our commitment extends beyond geographical boundaries. Regardless of your location, our training methodologies are designed to immerse you in the complexities and intricacies of WildFly, Jakarta EE, and Quarkus. We emphasize interactivity, practical insights, and student engagement to ensure a comprehensive grasp of these core middleware technologies.

Training Catalogue

jboss training

WildFly/EAP Course

Master the application server configuration and provision secure, lightweight and resilient distributions of the top Jakarta EE 10 Container

java training

Jakarta EE Training

We are proud to offer the first comprehensive development training on Jakarta EE 10 delivered with the latest version of WildFly Application Server.

quarkus training

Quarkus Course

Unleash the power of Quarkus for cutting-edge, cloud-native application development in our immersive training program!

docker training

Docker & Podman

Master Docker’s containerization prowess and revolutionize your deployment strategies in our comprehensive training program.

kubernetes training

Kubernetes DevOps

Embark on a transformative journey in Kubernetes development with our expert-led training, unlocking the full potential of container orchestration

spring boot training

Spring Boot 3 Course

Discover the next level of Spring Boot proficiency in our advanced training, unleashing the latest capabilities and techniques for robust application development.

Coming Soon!

Expert Guidance by Red Hat Certified Professionals

At, excellence in training is ensured through our team of Red Hat Certified professionals. Our instructors bring unparalleled expertise and extensive experience in JBoss EAP, WildFly, Jakarta EE, and Quarkus, backed by Red Hat’s rigorous certification standards. With our trainers at the helm, you can trust in receiving top-tier instruction and insights, aligning with industry best practices and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these vital middleware technologies.

java jboss eap training
jboss training
wildfly training


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