How to Add an User in WildFly

If you are an administrator of a Wildfly server, you may need to add new users to the server for authentication and authorization purposes. This short tutorial will teach you how to Add a management user with WildFly Application Server.

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How to run a WildFly CLI commands from the shell

WildFly ships with a powerful Command Line Interface which can be run interactively or not. In this tutorial we will learn how to run CLI commands in non-interactive mode. Running CLI commands in a File The simplest option to run CLI commands in non-interactive mode is to include the commands in a text file and … Read more

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JBoss cheatsheet for Linux Administrators (2022)

This is my JBoss / WildFly cheatsheet I use for managing the application server on a Linux box. Enjoy it and welcome any contribution to the cheatsheet. WildFly / JBoss CLI How to execute commands in non-interactive way: –connect –command=”:reload” How to connect to a non default host/port –connect –controller= How to execute … Read more

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