JBoss AS 7 ActiveMQ integration

Please note this tutorial has been written for an old version of JBoss application server. If you want to integrate WildFly/JBoss with ActiveMQ broker we recommend checking these tutorials: WildFly – ActiveMQ integration part 1: RAR deployment WildFly – ActiveMQ integration part 2: module installation Finally, if you want to integrate WildFly with Artemis MQ … Read more

HelloWorld Resource Adapter tutorial

[Updated] In this tutorial we will show how you can create build and deploy an HelloWorld Resource Adapter and deploy it on WildFly 10. The Java Connector Architecture (JCA) defines a standard architecture for connecting the Java EE platform to heterogeneous Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). Examples of EISs include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), mainframe transaction … Read more

WildFly – ActiveMQ integration part 2: module installation

This is the second tutorial about how to integrate Active MQ broker with WildFly. In the first tutorial we have covered how to install Active MQ RAR file on WildFly: This tutorial shows how to deploy a Resource Adapter for ActiveMQ as a module and configure a ConnectionFactory and a Queue towards ActiveMQ. Prerequisite to … Read more

Configuring a Resource Adapter for JBoss AS7: OpenMQ

This tutorial shows how to configure a Resource Adapter on JBoss AS 7. The purpose of it, is connecting your MDB on another JMS provider (OpenMQ). What is a Resource Adapter ? to keep it simple, imagine a resource adapter something analogous to a JDBC driver. Both provide a standard API through which an application … Read more