MicroProfile LRA: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s distributed and microservices-based architectures, ensuring data consistency and coordination across multiple services can be challenging. This is where MicroProfile LRA (Long Running Actions) comes into play. In this tutorial, we will explore the fundamentals of MicroProfile LRA, how to use it effectively, and compare it with other standards such as distributed transactions.

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6 Challenges in your Monolith to Microservices transition

Over the past few years, Microservices architecture has been all the rage in the software development world. Teams have been breaking their applications down into smaller, independent services with the promise of increased scalability, agility, and easier maintenance. However, as time passes, some teams are realizing that Microservices may not be the right fit for … Read more

Getting started with GraphQL on WildFly

This tutorial will introduce you to the GraphQL Microprofile specification covering the basics of this emerging technology and showing a full example application developed on WildFly application server, which is a Microprofile compatible runtime environment. GraphQL is a specialized query language with a syntax that defines the process of data-request and is useful when conveying … Read more