How to monitor and invalidate HTTP Sessions in WildFly

This article we will learn how to monitor and invalidate HTTP Sessions in WildFly application server / JBoss EAP using the management instruments such as the Command Line Interface and the Web console. Monitoring HTTP Sessions First of all, in order to gather statistics about HTTP sessions, you need to enable statistics on undertow subsystem … Read more

How to discover JBoss Cluster members

In this tutorial we will learn some techniques to discover your JBoss / WildFly cluster members using a set of available tools. We will use both tools included in WildFly distribution and standard tools like JMX. Discover cluster nodes using the CLI The simplest way to list the cluster nodes is to use the Command … Read more

JBoss Clustering a Web Application

This article discusses the required steps to cluster a Web application using WildFly application server and the older server releases (JBoss AS 5). Clustering allows us to run an applications on several parallel servers (a.k.a cluster nodes). The load is distributed across different servers, and even if any of the servers fails, the application is … Read more

Configuring WildFly as Load Balancer for a Cluster

This tutorial is about Load Balancing a cluster of WildFly servers using a WildFly front-end server configured using the load-balancer profile. Since WildFly 9, you can use an instance of the Application Server as a mod_cluster front-end for your back-end applications. This removes the need to use a native Web server like Apache (and mod_cluster … Read more

How do I change multicast address of JBoss cluster ?

There are different options to change the default multicast address depending on the version of JBoss / WildFly which you are using. Changing the multicast address in WildFly In WildFly the System Property which controls the default multicast address is jboss.default.multicast.address and defaults to <socket-binding name=”jgroups-udp” interface=”private” port=”55200″ multicast-address=”${jboss.default.multicast.address:}” multicast-port=”45688″/> Therefore, you can change … Read more