How to monitor and invalidate HTTP Sessions in WildFly

This article we will learn how to monitor and invalidate HTTP Sessions in WildFly application server / JBoss EAP using the management instruments such as the Command Line Interface and the Web console. Monitoring HTTP Sessions First of all, in order to gather statistics about HTTP sessions, you need to enable statistics on undertow subsystem … Read more

How to disable WildFly clustering at runtime

This tutorial discusses how you can perform cluster maintenance on one or more nodes of your cluster. We will show which approach you can use both in Standalone mode and Domain mode without losing continuity in your services. WildFly cluster maintenance Today I have found an interesting question of StackOverFlow asking how to temporarily remove … Read more

Clustering WildFly Application Server

Clustering means that when your application is running on a server, it can continue its task on another server exactly at the same point it was at, without any manual failover. This means that the application’s state is replicated across cluster members.

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How to discover JBoss Cluster members

In this tutorial we will learn some techniques to discover your JBoss / WildFly cluster members using a set of available tools. We will use both tools included in WildFly distribution and standard tools like JMX. Discover cluster nodes using the CLI The simplest way to list the cluster nodes is to use the Command … Read more