Jakarta Persistence 3.1 new features

This tutorial introduces Jakarta Persistence API 3.1 as a standard for management of persistence and O/R mapping in Java environments. We will discuss the headlines with a simple example that you can test on a Jakarta EE 10 runtime. New features added in Jakarta Persistence 3.1 There are several new features available in Jakarta Persistence … Read more

What’s new in Jakarta EE 10

Jakarta EE 10 is the first major release of Jakarta EE since the “jakarta” namespace update. Many of the component specifications are introducing Major or Minor version updates that are going to reflect in the implementation APIs. Let’s learn in this article what is new with Jakarta EE 10.

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Monitoring Enterprise applications with OpenShift and Prometheus

This article covers how to monitor Java Enterprise applications using OpenShift Container Platform 4.6. For the purpose of this example, we will be using JBoss Enterprise Application platform Expansion pack which empowers JBoss EAP with Microprofile API, such as the Metrics API. The monitoring solution we will use is Prometheus which is available out of … Read more

Profiling Jakarta EE Applications with NetBeans Profiler

In this article we will learn how to profile Java/Jakarta EE applications with NetBeans built-in profiler tool and how to instrument WildFly application server for this purpose. There are several vendor tools for profiling Java applications such as JProfiler or YourKit. In the list of opensource tools, a valid option is NetBeans Profiler which lets … Read more