Simplifying migration to Jakarta EE with tools

In this article we will learn some of the available tools or plugins you can use to migrate your legacy Java EE/Jakarta EE 8 applications to the newer Jakarta EE environment. We will also discuss the common challenges that you can solve by using tools rather than performing a manual migration of your projects.

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Getting Started with Jakarta Data API

Jakarta Data API is a powerful specification that simplifies data access across a variety of database types, including relational and NoSQL databases. In this article you will learn how to leverage this programming model which will be part of Jakarta 11 bundle.

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Getting started with Jakarta EE

This article will detail how to get started quickly with Jakarta EE which is the new reference specification for Java Enterprise API. As most of you probably know, the Java EE moved from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation under the Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J) project. There are already a list of application servers which offer a Jakarta EE compatible implementation such as WildFly. In this tutorial we will learn how to bootstrap a Jakarta EE project.

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Jakarta Persistence 3.1 new features

This tutorial introduces Jakarta Persistence API 3.1 as a standard for management of persistence and O/R mapping in Java environments. We will discuss the headlines with a simple example that you can test on a Jakarta EE 10 runtime. New features added in Jakarta Persistence 3.1 There are several new features available in Jakarta Persistence … Read more

What’s new in Jakarta EE 10

Jakarta EE 10 is the first major release of Jakarta EE since the “jakarta” namespace update. Many of the component specifications are introducing Major or Minor version updates that are going to reflect in the implementation APIs. Let’s learn in this article what is new with Jakarta EE 10.

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