Drools tutorial – The Rule Engine made simple

In this tutorial we will learn about the JBoss Drools Rule engine and how to run a simple example on the top of it using Drools latest release which is (). We will explore the core aspects of JBoss Drools, equipping you with the knowledge to drive efficiency, agility, and revenue growth in your organization. … Read more

Getting started with KJar archives

In this article we will cover the basics of KJAR deployments units, discussing what is a KJar archive and how to build run and deploy a KJAR file in standalone mode or on a Container. (Updated to 29/11/2021)

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How to use Drools rules in jBPM Processes

This tutorial discusses how to run Drool Rules from within a jBPM process, and how to handle the interactions between Process and Rules. (Updated to November 2021 ) Getting started with Drools WorkFlow Firstly, let’s start with some definitions for Processes and Rules: Business processes: Represent what the business does. Business rules: Represent decisions that … Read more

Introduction to Drools Rules

This tutorial provides an introduction to JBoss Drools, covering the core concepts, how to bootstrap a Drools project, how to code a simple Drool rule file and which tools can be used to run the Drools runtime engine Drools in a nutshell Drools is a business-rule management system with an inference-based rules engine, which allows … Read more

What is JBoss Drools?

In this tutorial we will learn what is Drools and some basics of its architecture and API. Drools is the rules engine of the KIE (Knowledge Is Everything) umbrella project. Drools engine stores, processes, and evaluates data to execute the business rules or decision models that you define. The main concept to understand about Drools … Read more

Installing Drools plugin on Eclipse

In order to design your Drools or BPM Rules you have two main alternatives: Install the Drools Plugin for Eclipse (available as part of Red Hat Integration Stack for Eclipse) Install the Business Central Workbench and design your Rules/Processes in its Web application as discussed in this tutorial: Getting started with jBPM Business Central Here … Read more

Getting started with jBPM Business Central

In this tutorial we will learn how to install the JBPM Business Central (which is the new name for the Drools workbench) and the Kie Execution Server on WildFly so that you have a full blown environment for designing and deploying your Kie assets! The Business Central Workbench (Drools Workbench) is a web application where … Read more

Getting started with Drools Decision Tables

Drools Decision Tables are a compact way of representing conditional logic, and they can be used in Drools to define business rules. In this tutorial we will learn how to design and test them with an example. A Drool Decision Table is a way to generate rules from the data entered into a spreadsheet. The … Read more

Creating a Drools Project using kie-drools-archetype

In this short tutorial we will learn how to create a Drools Project using Maven’s kie-drools-archetype. I’ve seen in many forums the questions which is the archetype for creating a Drools project. As you can see from the Maven’s repository (https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.kie/kie-drools-archetype) the correct archetype is the following one (in its latest version): <dependency> <groupId>org.kie</groupId> <artifactId>kie-drools-archetype</artifactId> … Read more