Manage Server Resources with Arquillian

Arquillian has support for multiple injection points like @EJB, @Resources and @Inject, but there are also non standard component model objects available within the Arquillian runtime that can be of useful during testing. In this tutorial we will learn how to expose these objects to the test case using the @ArquillianResource injection annotation.   By … Read more

How to test with Arquillian, Chameleon and JBoss Forge

In this tutorial we will learn how to set up quickly a test for our Java EE project using Arquillian, Chameleon and JBoss Forge to scaffold our project. First of all some definitions about the tools we will use: JBoss Forge is a software development tool that extends your Java IDE, providing wizards and extensions … Read more

Arquillian Faqs

In this article I’m including a list of common questions related to Arquillian integration testing framework How to create a WAR deployment with Arquillian In the following example you can see how to create a War deployment which includes a custom Manifest file (with Dependencies), plus a file into the WEB-INF folder and the Web … Read more

Arquillian.xml configuration file reference

Here is a table which summarizes the options which you can include into the arquillian.xml configuration file: Property Default Description jbossHome $JBOSS_HOME The JBoss configuration to start. javaHome $JAVA_HOME The Java runtime to use to start the server. modulePath $module.path The location of the module repository. javaVmArguments -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m JVM arguments used to start the … Read more

Debugging Arquillian Tests

This short tutorial describes how to debug Arquillian Test Cases using a development environment like Eclipse IDE. The prerequisite is that you have gone through the basics of Arquillian– you can start from here: Arquillian tutorial As you already know, Arquillian tests are launched as JUnit test but are executed on the application server environment. Therefore, … Read more