Monitoring WildFly with Prometheus and Grafana

This is the third tutorial about how to use Prometheus server to capture metrics from a Microprofile compatible server like WildFly or Quarkus. In the first two tutorials, we have discussed how to set up Prometheus to connect to WildFly (Monitoring WildFly with Prometheus) and Quarkus ( Monitoring Quarkus with Prometheus) to capture Microprofile metrics. We … Read more

How to monitor WildFly with Prometheus

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring system that collects metrics from servers, services, and applications. It is known for its lightweight design, scalability, and ease of use. WildFly is a popular Java EE application server that can be monitored using Prometheus. Prometheus Main Features Prometheus has several key features that make it a powerful monitoring tool: … Read more

How to get the list of MBeans in WildFly

This article shows how to fetch the list of MBeans which are available in WildFly application server and check their properties Getting started with the JMXConnector As per JMX Specification, client applications can obtain MBeans through an MBean server connection, accessed by means of a JMX connector. In this article we will show how to … Read more

How to capture your Application alerts in a Slack channel

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform which can be used to help people to effectively work together, connect their software tools and services, and find the information they need within a secure, enterprise-grade environment. In this tutorial you will learn how to forward application alerts to a Slack channel so that your team can get … Read more

How to monitor JBoss CPU usage like a pro

In this tutorial we will learn which options can be used to monitor the CPU usage of JBoss / WildFly threads. CPU monitoring can be done in several ways, we however recommend using a free tool like JVisualVM or JConsole to collect this data. Monitoring WildFly CPU usage with JVisualVM VisualVM is a free tool … Read more

Finding which Java threads are consuming your CPU

Are your Java threads consuming most of your CPU and want to find which one is actually consuming most of it? Then just keep reading. There are several solutions to detect which Java thread is consuming more CPU. Use JVisualVM to find CPU consuming threads If you have installed JVisualVM, then you can connect to … Read more

How to monitor JBoss 5 with snapshots?

This tutorial has been written for an old version of JBoss AS 5. At the bottom of it, you will find how to collect snapshots with JBoss 5 from the JMX-Console. If you are running WildFly or JBoss EAP 7, we recommend the following updated resources: Monitoring Enterprise applications with OpenShift and Prometheus Monitoring WildFly … Read more

How to manage WildFly metrics

Wildfly 15 has been released. One of the enhancements contained in it is the enhanced set of metrics that are exposed by the application server so that they can be consumed by the Openshift Console You can check the following health and metrics with WildFly 15: Application Server health: $ curl http://localhost:9990/health {“outcome”:”UP”,”checks”:[]} Application Server … Read more