Examples of jboss-deployment-structure.xml

This tutorial contains some examples of how to configure the file jboss-deployment-structure.xml . This file allows to fine tune the modules of your applications running on WildFly. The advantage of using this file (compared to the Manifest’s entry) is that you can define dependencies across top-level deployments and subdeployments.

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Where WildFly stores the applications?

This is a very frequent question. The short answer is in the data folder of the application servers. Clearly if you are running in Domain Mode, they are stored into the Domain Controller data folder. Finding where WildFly stores your applications Firstly, let’s see what happens when you deploy an application on WildFly using a … Read more

How to configure JBoss / WildFly deployment order

You can configure JBoss EAP / WildFly deployment order in some simple steps. This article will show you how to do it! Configuring Deployment order within an EAR file If you want to deploy applications within an EAR file with a precise order, then you can use the element named initialize-in-order (available in application.xml 6.0 … Read more

How to deploy applications on WildFly

This tutorial discusses how to deploy applications on WildFly application server. We can deploy applications on the top of WildFly in several ways: 1. File system copy (standalone mode only) 2. Using the Management Interfaces (Admin Console or CLI) 3. Using Maven to deploy WildFly applications Deploying applications on WildFly using File system deployment File … Read more