PrimeFaces autocomplete made simple

PrimeFaces AutoComplete displays suggestions while the input is typing. AutoComplete features various options, multiple selections, customizable content and other cool effects. Let’s see how to run a quick example of it.

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Primefaces Chart in a nutshell

Do you need to include cool charts in your Web application and you want to do it really quickly? Have a look at Primefaces which features a large set of to chart components to render your data.

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Primefaces File Upload made simple

The PrimeFaces File upload component can perform server side file uploads using a straightforward client API. We have updated this tutorial to show how to upload files using Primefaces 10 and WildFly 24.

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PrimeFaces Datatable in a nutshell

The dataTable is a key component of JSF architecture. It can display Objects in a Collection or an Array where each Object represents one row in the table and columns match instance variables in the Object. In this tutorial we will show how to use the Primefaces Datatable component in minutes. If you are new to Primefaces … Read more

Export your dataTable to Excel and PDF using Primefaces

Do you need exporting your JSF dataTable to any kind of format such as Excel, PDF, CSV, XML ? We have updated this tutorial to Primefaces 10 to do it in a minute! In order to export your dataTable, you can use the DataExporter UICommand which is part of the Primefaces suite. Using it is … Read more

How to populate a dataTable from a JSON file

How to use natively JSON data into a JSF dataTable ? When using Primefaces you have more than one option to do it! The JSF dataTable tag is used to display data on JSF view pages. The data bound table components are responsible for displaying the relational data in a tabular format. typically a dataTable … Read more

JSF Drag and Drop with Primefaces

 In this tutorial we will learn how to perform Drag & Drop in your JSF applications using PrimeFaces library. Drag & Drop with PrimeFaces Drag-and-drop is an action, meaning grabbing an object and dragging it to a different location. Components capable of being dragged and dropped enrich the Web and make a solid base for … Read more

Creating a DataScroller with Primefaces

In this tutorial you will learn how to use a Primefaces DataScroller to let your application load additional set of Data as you scroll down the Web page (on Demand scrolling). This component is available since Primefaces 5. The structure of the component dataScroller is quite similar to a dataTable. The key attribute of it … Read more

Dynamic PrimeFaces detail forms

In my last post – Dynamic PrimeFaces Datatables –     I have explained how to use Java Reflection to dynamically generate PrimeFaces DataTables. In this article we are going to use the same technique to create dynamic detail forms. In our following examples we will use the DynaForm component of the PrimeFacex Extensions project. As you … Read more

Dynamic PrimeFaces Datatables

In this post I will explain how to use Java Reflection to extract PrimeFaces models from POJO classes. Specifically we will create a dynamic DataTable using the p:columns component.  Setup Using reflection could be quite tediuos, luckily for us theres the Apache Commons BeanUtils API. This library helps us to dynamically read the properties of our … Read more