How to analyze large Java Heap Dumps

One critical tool in diagnosing memory-related issues is the Heap dump, a snapshot of an application’s memory at a particular point in time. However, as applications become larger and more intricate, heap dumps can also become massive and challenging to analyze. In this article, we will learn how to examine Heap Dump data even with lightly equipped hardware.

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Migrating from Java 8 to Java 17 with OpenRewrite

In this article we will discuss on how to migrate Java applications from Java 8 to Java 17 using the OpenRewrite migration plugin. At the end of this tutorial, you will learn which are most common challenges that you can face when upgrading to Java 17 Java 8 to Java 17 challenges In pure project … Read more

Parsing PDF in Java made simple

When it comes to parsing PDF files in Java, two popular libraries stand out: Apache Tika and Apache PDFBox. Both libraries provide powerful features for working with PDF documents, but they have different approaches and trade-offs. In this article, we will explore how to parse a PDF using each library and compare their pros and … Read more

Java 21 Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods

Java 21 introduces two language core features: Unnamed Java Classes and a new launch protocol which allows running Java classes in a simpler format. In this article we will cover in detail these new features explaining how they can simplify your daily Java coding.

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Troubleshooting OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory

An OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory is a common error that Java developers encounter when working with applications that use large amounts of direct memory. Direct memory is allocated outside of the Java heap, and allows storing data that is needed by native libraries or I/O operations. In this tutorial, we will explore some common causes of this error and provide some troubleshooting steps.

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Writing high performance Apache HTTP Clients

When it comes to consuming HTTP resources in Java applications, Apache HTTP Client is a popular choice for developers due to its ease of use, flexibility, and robustness. In this article, we will explore how to write a high-performance Java HTTP client using the Apache HTTP Client library.

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How to solve “Too many Open Files” in Java applications

Scenario: Your application log displays the error message “Too many Open Files“. As a result, application requests are failing and you need to restart the application. In some cases, you also need to reboot your machine. In this article we will discuss File handling best practices and how to prevent File leaks in Java with proper resource management.

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