Quarkus vs WildFly Application Server

This article provides a comparison of the features of two popular Java Enterprise Runtimes: WildFly Application Server and Quarkus framework. While both offer robust support for Java applications, their distinct approaches to development, deployment, and scalability cater to diverse use cases. Comparing Quarkus and WildFly. Fair comparison ? Firslty a disclaimer note: Comparing WildFly, a … Read more

Kafka Streams Tutorial

Kafka Streams is a powerful and lightweight library provided by Apache Kafka for building real-time streaming applications and microservices. In this tutorial we will show a simple Kafka Streams example with Quarkus which shows how to perform stream processing tasks directly within the Kafka ecosystem, leveraging the familiar Kafka infrastructure to process and transform data in real-time.

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Redis Integration with Quarkus made simple

This tutorial will guide you through accessing Redis in-memory store from a Quarkus application. We will show which are the key interfaces for storing data structures in Redis and how Quarkus Dev Services greatly simplifies setting up a Dev environment for our Redis application. Redis Overview Redis is an open-source in-memory data structure store which … Read more

How to upgrade to Quarkus 3

This article discusses how to upgrade your existing Quarkus 2.x applications to Quarkus 3.x using the Quarkus CLI tool. We will learn at first which is the impact of the upgrade on Quarkus 2 application. Then, we will show how to perform the upgrade with just a single command line!

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Addressing CVE-2023-4853 in Quarkus

The CVE-2023-4853 vulnerability in question impacts Quarkus framework’s HTTP Security Policy, . This policy provides access control to various endpoints within an application enabling developers to secure access based on path-based configurations. However, a critical flaw has been identified in how the HTTP Security Policy handles request paths containing multiple adjacent forward-slash characters.

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Quarkus CRUD Example with Panache Data

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a REST CRUD application in Quarkus, starting from a Hibernate Panache Entity. We will show two different approaches: in the first one we will create a REST Resources to map the CRUD methods. Then, we will show how to use REST Data Panache to generate automatically a REST Endpoint for an Entity.

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Quarkus vs. Micronaut: A Comparative Analysis

In the world of modern Java microservices, developers are faced with a variety of frameworks and tools to choose from. Two popular options in this space are Quarkus and Micronaut. Both of these frameworks offer unique features and advantages, making the choice between them a significant decision for developers. In this article, we’ll delve into … Read more

What is Quarkus (2023) ?

Quarkus is a framework you can use to develop Cloud-ready modern Java applications. Quarkus also allows to generate native executables from your Java application and can easily leverage the distribution as Container Images.

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Designing Quarkus Front-Ends with Vaadin made easy

Vaadin Flow provides a comprehensive set of UI components and tools for creating rich and interactive user interfaces, while Quarkus offers a lightweight and efficient Java framework for developing cloud-native applications. In this article, we will explore how to combine the strengths of Vaadin and Quarkus to build web applications with ease.

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