Running Batch jobs in J2SE applications

This tutorial shows how you can run the Java Batch API (JSR 352) as part of a J2SE application. The Java Batch API (JSR 352) allows executing Batch activities based on a Job Specification Language (JSL) using two main Programming models: Chunk Steps or Batchlets. I’ve already blogged some examples of Chunk steps  and BatchLets  … Read more

Java EE Batchlets with WildFly tutorial

This is the second tutorial about Java API for Batch Applications (JSR-352) on WildFly application server. In the first Java EE Batch Tutorial we have learnt how to use chunk steps which are iterative executions of read/process/write operations on a set of items. Batchlets, on the other hand, include activities which are not executed in … Read more

Batch Applications tutorial on WildFly

This tutorial discusses about Batch Applications for the Java Platform (JSR-352) which can be used to define, implement and running batch jobs. Batch jobs are composed of a set of tasks which can be automatically executed without user interaction. These tasks are executed periodically or when resource usage is low and they often process large … Read more