How to use Camel extensions in Quarkus

Camel is the open source swiss knife framework for integration, with over 300 components allowing the integration between external systems. In this article we will learn how to use Camel extensions for Quarkus to build powerful Java Integrations.

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Deploying Quarkus applications on OpenShift

This tutorial explores how you can deploy Quarkus applications in containers and, more specifically, on OpenShift Paas Cloud platforms There are different approaches to deploy Quarkus applications on OpenShift. In this tutorial we will discuss them in detail. Start by checking out this example, which is an example of JAX-RS application which uses Hibernate ORM … Read more

Quarkus migration tips (2022)

Quarkus is one of the most innovative Java projects, therefore it’s not a surprise there are frequent updates to it. In this article we will have a look at the available guidelines to migrate Quarkus applications and tools that can help you to simplify your update strategy.

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How to configure Logging with Quarkus

Quarkus uses the JBoss Log Manager project as facade for application logging. Therefore, the main configuration options should be familiar to JBoss/WildFly users. Let’s see how to configure most common options.

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Getting started with Stork Service Discovery on Quarkus

In modern microservices architectures, services have dynamically assigned locations. Therefore, it’s essential to integrate Service Discovery as part of the picture. In this article you will learn how to leverage Service Discovery using Smallrye Stork framework on top of a Quarkus reactive application.

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How to Test Quarkus applications

In this tutorial, we’ll have a look at writing tests using Quarkus applications. We’ll cover unit tests that you can run using JUnit Testing Framework and RESTAssured that simplifies the Test of REST Endpoints. The @QuarkusTest annotation You can Test Quarkus applications with any Java based testing framework. However, your testing can be greatly simplified … Read more