Default parameters for Java methods: 5 Approaches

Java lacks direct support for default parameter values as seen in some other programming languages. However, there are several techniques and patterns you can utilize to achieve similar functionality. In this tutorial, we’ll explore five different approaches to emulate default parameter values in Java. 1. Method Overloading Method overloading involves creating multiple versions of a … Read more

Kafka Streams Tutorial

Kafka Streams is a powerful and lightweight library provided by Apache Kafka for building real-time streaming applications and microservices. In this tutorial we will show a simple Kafka Streams example with Quarkus which shows how to perform stream processing tasks directly within the Kafka ecosystem, leveraging the familiar Kafka infrastructure to process and transform data in real-time.

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Fastest way to sort an Array in Java

Sorting arrays efficiently is crucial for optimizing performance in Java applications. With numerous sorting algorithms and built-in methods available, it’s essential to identify the most efficient approach for different scenarios. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis of various sorting methods to determine the fastest way to sort a Java array. Introduction Sorting large arrays efficiently … Read more

How to customize WildFly using Env variables

In this article, we will learn how to leverage environment variables to modify and optimize WildFly configurations. We will explore first how to pass environment variables to a basic WildFly configuration. Then, in the next article we will show a common use case for this feature which is Cloud provisioning of WildFly. Passing environment variables … Read more

Comparing Java Records with Lombok

Java records and Lombok are both tools that aim to reduce boilerplate code in Java, but they have different approaches and use cases. In this article we will compare them to understand which is the perfect use case of each approach. Java Records overview: For example: Lombok Library overview: For example: Please note that, in … Read more

Writing JPA applications using Java Records

In this article, we’ll explore how Java Records, available since Java 16, can be used in the context of JPA Application. We’ll uncover how Java Records, renowned for their simplicity and immutability, complement the flexibility and expressive querying abilities offered by the Criteria API.

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What is API Management? A Comprehensive Guide

In this tutorial, we will learn the fundamental concepts and functionalities of API Management. Then, we will shed light on the distinctions between API Management, API Gateway, Load Balancing, and Reverse Proxy — essential components in modern network architectures.. API Management in a nutshell API Management refers to the process of designing, deploying, monitoring, and … Read more

How to use Keycloak REST API

The Keycloak REST API is a Web service Endpoint that allows you to manage Keycloak using a REST channel. It provides endpoints for creating, updating, and deleting Keycloak entities such as users, groups, clients, roles, and realms. You can use any programming language that supports HTTP requests to interact with the API.

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Redis Integration with Quarkus made simple

This tutorial will guide you through accessing Redis in-memory store from a Quarkus application. We will show which are the key interfaces for storing data structures in Redis and how Quarkus Dev Services greatly simplifies setting up a Dev environment for our Redis application. Redis Overview Redis is an open-source in-memory data structure store which … Read more