H2 Database Tutorial and expert Tips

H2 DB is an open source lightweight Database written in Java. It ships in JBoss EAP and WildFly application server to speed up developing and testing Java applications. Let’s have a look to the main configuration options and how to create an example application using the H2 DB. What is H2 database? Firstly, let’s see … Read more

How to validate Database connections in JBoss / WildFly

This tutorial discusses how to validate database connections using in WildFly so that you can manage reconnection to the database in case of temporary failures. Connection Validation in a nutshell A datasource connection validation helps to ensure that the connections to the database are still valid. The strategy behind connection vaidation is to periodically test … Read more

H2 Database cheatsheet

Here is a cheat sheet for H2 Database which shows some common Data definition, Data modification statements, JDBC Settings and H2 Database server administration. Firstly, if you are looking for an introduction to using H2 Database in your applications, then check this tutorial: H2 database tutorial DDL cheat sheet Table Creation (Basic) CREATE TABLE TEST(ID … Read more