Configuring Agroal Datasource on WildFly

WildFly 14 has been released. One of the most interesting features of it is the new Agroal Datasource. Agroal is a datasource connection pool implementation with integration with transaction, security and other systems. In a nutshell, the advantage over the standard connection pool (provided by the datasources subsystem) is that it does not use the … Read more

JBoss AS 5 Datasource configuration

In order to create a DataSource (so that you can use JDBC connectivity) you need to create a file ending with -ds.xml under the “deploy” directory of your server. The default Datasource file The default data source for JBoss 5 is the HypersonicDB data source. Here’s the hsqldb-ds.xml that ships with JBoss : <?xml version=”1.0″ … Read more

Demystifying Datasource JTA and XA settings on JBoss-WildFly

One topic which is often misunderstood by middleware administrators is the configuration of JTA and XA attributes and their effect on transactions. Let’s see more in practice. Basically on a JBoss AS 6/WildFly configuration you can choose three different strategies as far as transactioons are concerned: 1) Setting jta = false and Non-XA datasource <datasource jta=”false” … Read more

Creating a Datasource on WildFly using the Web Console

Creating a Datasource for WildFly 9 is a pretty simple task thanks to the templating wizard that is included on the Web console. First of all you need to download WildFly from Let’s see how to configure an Oracle 12c Connection using the ojdbc7.jar Driver. There are multiple strategies for configuring a Datasource, the faster one … Read more