Configuring no-request-timeout in WildFly

The no-request-timeout attribute specifies the length of time in milliseconds that a connection is idle before it is closed. The default value is 60000 milliseconds (1 minute).

Here is how you can check its value:

    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => 60000

And conversely you you can increase it:

 /subsystem=undertow/server=default-server/http-listener=default:write-attribute(name=no-request-timeout, value=70000)

Tuning this option in your environment for optimal connection efficiency can help improve network performance. If idle connections are prematurely closed, there are overheads in re-establishing connections. If idle connections are open for too long, they unnecessarily use resources.

It is worth to know, that some versions of WildFly ( 14.0.1.Final, 15.0.1.Final ) are affected by the following issue: (Default no-request-timeout value on HTTP(s) listeners seems to be causing unexpected timeouts)

You have to upgrade to WildFly 16 or newer to solve this issue.