XML auto completion with Eclipse

This short tutorials shows how to activate some interesting features on Eclipse when dealing with XML files.

If you have been struggling with XML files based on complex schemas you might find tedious to check the .xsd files or some examples every time you had to modify your XML. Rinzo is an Eclipse xml editor with the goal of make life simpler when dealing with xml files.

You can install it with a few simple steps. Go to Eclipse Market Place and search for the Rinzo Plugin.

rinzo eclipse plugin
Once installed you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions and eventually to restart Eclipse.

At restart you can enjoy the rich set of new features which include:

* Autocompletion of tags and attributes, proposing the ones defined in the file’s DTD or Schema.
* Xml validation using DTD or Schema, DTD and Schema generation from a xml
* Namespace support.


This makes it very useful if you must edit a web.xml , .hbm files , struts-config or any other xml file provided that, of course, you have specified the location of your .xsd files within your XML document.