Where are my compiled JSP pages on JBoss / WildFly?

WildFly application server places the source and compiled Servlets (derived from your JSP) under the standalone/tmp/<deployment_unit>/org/apache/jsp folder.

Let’s see an example. You have deployed a Web application named “hello.war” which contains,in the root folder, the hello.jsp page.

When requested, the following hello_jsp.java Servlet,java will be created and compiled:

├── auth
├── hello.war
│   └── org
│       └── apache
│           └── jsp
│               ├── hello_jsp.class
│               └── hello_jsp.java
├── startup-marker
└── vfs
    └── temp

If running the server in Domain mode, the equivalent file system path will be:


JBoss AS 7 / JBoss EAP 6

If you are this server version, the same hello.jsp page would be placed in the following file system path:

├── auth
├── vfs
└── work
    └── jboss.web
        └── default-host
            ├── _
            └── hello
                └── org
                    └── apache
                        └── jsp
                            ├── hello.class
                            └── hello_jsp.java

JBoss AS 5 / JBoss EAP 5

If you are running the embedded Tomcat server in JBoss AS 5, the compiled JSP files are under the folder $JBOSS_HOME\jboss-as\server\default\work\jboss.web\localhost_\org\apache\jsp

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