Where are JBoss logs located?

We will shortly discuss where JBoss EAP / WildFly logs are located. The location of JBoss logs basically depends on which mode you are using to start the application server.

View logs in standalone mode

When running in standalone mode, JBoss logs are located in the standalone/log folder:

├── configuration
├── data
├── deployments
├── lib
│   └── ext
├── log
│   ├── audit.log
│   ├── server.log
│   └── server.log.2021-08-15
└── tmp

As you can see, the currently running server has created the server.log file.

Therefore, to view logs it is sufficient to tail that file:

tail -f $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/logs/server.log

By default, JBoss / WildFly configuration uses a Periodic Rotating Logger which rotates logs on a time basis (by default daily):

<periodic-rotating-file-handler name="FILE" autoflush="true">
        <named-formatter name="PATTERN"/>
    <file relative-to="jboss.server.log.dir" path="server.log"/>
    <suffix value=".yyyy-MM-dd"/>
    <append value="true"/>

View logs in Domain mode

When running in Domain mode, JBoss logs you will find log files at two different levels:

├── configuration
├── data
├── log
│   ├── audit.log
│   ├── host-controller.log
│   └── process-controller.log
├── servers
│   ├── server-one
│   │   ├── data
│   │   ├── log
│   │   │   ├── audit.log
│   │   │   └── server.log
│   │   └── tmp
│   └── server-two
│       ├── data
│       ├── log
│       │   ├── audit.log
│       │   └── server.log
│       └── tmp
└── tmp

  • Within the domain/log folder: this folder contains the log files of the Host Controller. Please note that the Host Controller is used to manage the Domain of JBoss/WildFly servers. It does not contain application log file
  • Within the domain/servers/server-name/log folder: this folder contains the server log files for the “server-name”. Applications which are deployed on that server will output their logs there.

Finally, please note that the above coordinates are the default ones where JBoss prints log files. You can write your logs to another location (f.e. on a different partition) by configuring the path attribute of your Logging Handler:

 <file  path="/extfs/logs/server.log"/>