WildFly basic requirements

In this short tutorial we will learn which are the basic requirements to run WildFly application server.

The basic requirements to start WildFly are:

  • A JDK available on your machine
  • The right amount of memory settings for the JDK.

Let’s see both requirements.

Download the appropriate JDK for your WildFly version

Each recent WildFly version supports as minimum Java 8, so this is the basic requirement to get started. You will get better performance by running a more recent version of Java. Check this tutorial to see which version of Java can be used for your WildFly version: Choosing the right JDK for WildFly and JBoss EAP 7

Choosing the right amount of memory for WildFly

Check into our WildFly cheatsheet how to configure the memory settings for WildFly in standalone mode or domain mode: JBoss cheatsheet for Linux Administrators

Basically, a bare bones installation of WildFly requires approximately 100 MB of memory, as you can see from the output of JConsole:

In this short tutorial we will learn which are the basic requirements to start a WildFly application server

That being said, the increment you need to apply depends on the application size you are going to deploy.

The recommended way to find it out is to grant a maximum amount of memory (ex. -Xmx4g) then run a stress test on your application and measure the amount of memory used by the application server. Consider also that a large amount of memory is often used by internal caches (such as Hibernate L2 cache) which store application data for long period of times, therefore your stress test should include a concrete use case, including application caches