Using Property files in your Openshift applications

A common need for most application is to store its configuration in an external configuration files. This logic can indeed be pursued also when moving to the cloud, by using a resource named ConfigMap. Let’s see how. The ConfigMap API can be used to hold key-value pairs of configuration data that can be used in … Read more

Deploy Docker images on Openshift

This tutorial will teach you how you can build and deploy a custom Docker images available on Dockerhub into Openshift Origin Paas. Before reading this tutorial you are suggested to learn how to set up quickly Openshift origin on your machine using “oc cluster up”: Openshift installation quick tutorial So out of the box, Openshift … Read more

How to run Tomcat Docker image on Openshift

A common issue when porting Docker images on Openshift is that the image might be engineered to run with a root user. Let’s see how to deal with Security Context Contraints on Openshift. So let’s say you want to try deploying a Docker image like tomcat:latest to Openshift As you can see from the above … Read more

Openshift installation quick tutorial

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is now outdated. Openishift origin has been renamed to OKD (Origin Distibution of Kubernates) and this tutorial contains everything to get started on Openshift: Getting started with Openshift using OKD Openshift Origin is the upstream community project that builds up OpenShift platform. Openshift origin is built around a core of Docker container, … Read more