Clustering with JBoss mod_cluster

Mod cluster is an http based load balancer which greatly simplify the setup of an http cluster. It ships as a set of modules which need to be installed on the httpd server and a Service Archive Library (.sar) which needs to be deployed on WildFly. Wildfly is also able to handle front-end requests with … Read more

Using ngnix with WildFly – JBoss

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure nginx -the popular load balancing solution- in front of a cluster of WildFly or JBoss servers. Nginx is a powerful opensource balancing solution which offers many benefits in terms of load balancing, server health checks, HTTP/2 support, active monitoring and more. Let’s start from the installation. … Read more

JBoss Clustering – using buddy replication

By using Buddy replication, sessions are replicated to a configurable number of backup servers in the cluster (also called buddies), rather than to all servers in the cluster. If a user fails over from the server that is hosting his or her session, the session data is transferred to the new server from one of … Read more

A close look inside Infinispan Distribution mode

What you like to have a close look over the Infinispan distribution of data in your JBoss EAP 6 / WildFly cluster? I’ll tell you how to do it. The default algorithm used by WildFly application server for clustering is based on the Infinispan distribution. This means that cache entries are copied to a fixed … Read more

Load Balancing EJBs in WildFly

One of the main advantages of using clustered Session Beans is that load can be spread across several cluster members. This by default happens on a random basis. Today we will learn how to customize the Session bean load balancing in WildFly or JBoss EAP 6. By default, calls from a client to a cluster … Read more

Dispatching commands on WildFly cluster

This tutorial has been updated, thanks to the suggestions received on We thank our readers for reporting any issue found in our tutorials. This is the second article about WildFly clustering API. You can read here the first tutorial: Monitoring a cluster using WildFly API. In this article we will learn how to execute commands … Read more

Monitoring a cluster using WildFly API

WildFly 8 introduces a new API which can be used to gather information about the WildFly cluster topology and receive notifications when new nodes leave or join the cluster.   The interface can be used for this purpose: The Group service provides a mechanism to view the cluster topology and to be notified when … Read more

Troubleshooting mod_cluster

So you are trying to come to grips with mod_cluster and JBoss/WildFly but your clustering still doesn’t work? in this article I’ll discuss about troubleshooting some common issues.  Mod_cluster Advice #1 The first thing you need obviously to check is that you are running a version of mod_cluster which is compatible with your machine and … Read more

Configuring mod_jk with WildFly/JBoss AS 7

This tutorial contains an excerpt of the upcoming WilfFly Book which shows how to create a load balancing configuration for WildFly 8 using the older Apache Tomcat mod_jk. Although the recommended load balancing solution for clustering JBoss AS7/Wildfly is mod_cluster you should include in your administrator’s skill also the earlier Apache Tomcat mod_jk connector in some scenarios. Configuring … Read more