Installing Kogito BPMN plugin for Chrome

Let’s see in this quick drill how to install the Kogito BPMN plugin for Chrome. At the end of it, we will be able to edit BPMN files directly from a Github repository

Installing Kogito plugin for Chrome is quite simple.

  • First off, download the plugin latest version from: (scroll at the bottom of the page)
  • Unzip the plugin
  • Open Chrome extension page (Simply type “chrome://extensions/” in the URL).Enable “Developer mode” (top right corner switch) as you can see from this picture:

kogito plugin install

  • Click “Load unpacked” and point to your extension directory called “dist”

install kogito plugin for chrome

Using Kogito Plugin

Now, you can use Kogito plugin to edit BPMN files directly from GitHub. Try opening any project which contains a valid BPMN file and choose to Edit the file:

install kogito plugin for chrome

As you can see, the BPMN Editor kicked in, and you can commit directly the file on GitHub in one shot!