Introduction to Hawkular

This tutorial is an introduction to Hawkular monitoring solution. We will learn the core features of it and how to install its Agent on a WildFly 10 Server. First of all what is Hawkular? in a nutshell it is a an opensource monitoring solution sponsored by Red Hat. It is a successor of the RHQ … Read more

Monitor WildFly with CLI and your bash skills

There are actually many free and opensource tools for monitoring the jboss/wildfly application server. In this article we will learn how to create a monitoring shell using as little as jboss cli and bash and awk. In some scenarios you have to monitor one or two key attributes of the application server configuration and receive … Read more

Getting started with AppDynamics and JBoss-WildFly

In this tutorial we will learn how to setup, configure and monitor a WildFly application server node using the AppDynamics Performance Management (APM) solution.   In order to get started with AppDynamics we will start a 15 days free trial subscription at Once expired the pro trail of AppDynamics you can still use the Lite version of it … Read more

Using JConsole to monitor a remote WildFly server

This quick tutorial shows how to monitor a remote WildFly application server in Standalone and Domain mode using the JConsole tool.   Connecting to a remote WildFly Server in Standalone Mode The first thing you need to do is setting up a management user on the remote WildFly server using the script: What type of user … Read more

How to monitor JBoss with Jolokia

Jolokia is a cool monitoring solution for accessing JMX MBeans remotely. It is different to JSR-160 connectors in so far as it is an agent based approach which uses JSON over HTTP for its communication in a REST-stylish way. As any monitoring solution, an agent is required to interact with the application. Multiple agents are … Read more

JBoss 5 Alarm configuration

Please note: this tutorial has been written for JBoss AS 5 and it’s therefore obsolete. If you want to configure alarms and metrics for WildFly application server we recommend checking this tutorial: Monitoring WildFly with Prometheus An Alarm indicates that an event (generally an error) has happened in the system. In this article we’re going … Read more