Configuring Transactions (JTA) using JBoss / Wildfly

This tutorial discusses about configuring and monitoring transactions using the Java Transaction API(JTA) on Wildfly application server. Transaction overview Let’s start from some definitions: You can define a transaction as a group of operations that must run as a unit and can involve persisting data objects, sending a message, and so on. When the operations … Read more

Top JBoss Interview Questions (2023)

Are you going for a JBoss / WildFly interview ? here is a comprehensive list of JBoss / WildFly interview questions that will shake up your hiring! General JBoss interview questions Q: Name all possible ways you know to start WildFly application server You can do it in at least four ways: Download and unzip … Read more

How to check if JBoss is running?

There are several ways to check if JBoss / WildFly application server is running. In this short article we will cover them in detail. Starting the server and checking the status When you start the application server, a set of System Properties are attached to the Java process. This makes easy to detect which Java … Read more

Mail session configuration on WildFly

In this simple tutorial we will show how to use the Java Mail service from WildFly – JBoss EAP, either connecting to a local SMTP server or using Google SMTP server. Let’s start configuring JBoss Mail service on WildFly, then we will see how to configure the service on older application server versions. WildFly Mail service configuration … Read more