3 ways to create Microprofile applications

Microprofile applications can be used in a large variety of contexts. In this tutorial we will learn how to use its API in the most common runtime environments. Configuring Microprofile API with Thorntail Thorntail offers a modern approach to packaging and running Java EE applications, including just enough of the environment to “java -jar” your … Read more

How to handle Fault Tolerance in your Enterprise applications and Microservices

Microprofile fault tolerance specification is a way for your application to handle the unavailability of a service by using a set of different policies. In this tutorial we will see how we can apply these policies in an application that can be run in Thorntail runtime. Thorntail is a Microprofile compliant environment, therefore you can … Read more

Getting Started with MicroProfile applications

With the transition of Java EE to Jakarta EE, you can now adopt both Jakarta EE standards and MicroProfile stack for your projects. In this tutorial we will learn more about the MicroProfile API and the difference with other standars we have formerly used such as Java EE and SOA. The era of monolithic application … Read more

Microprofile Metrics using WildFly application Server

In the second tutorial about monitoring WildFly we will learn how to collect application metrics by applying MicroProfile Metrics API  that will show up in WildFly 15 and above. So in the first article Monitoring WildFly with Prometheus we have learned how to install and configure Prometheus so that WildFly metrics can be captured. In order … Read more

Using OpenTracing API with WildFly application server

The Microprofile Opentracing specification defines a set of API for accessing an OpenTracing compliant Tracer object within the JAX-RS application. The behaviors specify how in/out requests will have OpenTracing Spans automatically created. The API also defines how to explicitly disable or enable tracing for given endpoints. WildFly 14 provides initial support for OpenTracing API and … Read more

Configuring Microservices with MicroProfile Configuration

In the era of Microservices it is essential to be able to externalize and inject both static and dynamic configuration properties for your services. As a matter of fact, microservices are designed to be moved across different environments, therefore it is essential to have a portable externalization of their configuration. In this tutorial we will … Read more