Getting started with GraphQL on WildFly

This tutorial will introduce you to the GraphQL Microprofile specification covering the basics of this emerging technology and showing a full example application developed on WildFly application server, which is a Microprofile compatible runtime environment. GraphQL is a specialized query language with a syntax that defines the process of data-request and is useful when conveying … Read more

How to execute CLI scripts in WildFly Bootable Jar

WildFly Bootable jar is a plugin that lets you run your WildFly applications into bootable microservice-like components. This tutorial covers how to execute CLI script during the packaging or at runtime, to customize your bootable JAR configuration. There are two ways to run CLI management scripts on the top of your executable Bootable Jar: Execute … Read more

How to live reload your WildFly applications

The next major release of WildFly Bootable JAR (3.0.0) is going to bring a super interesting feature. You can use a Maven goal to achieve live reload of your applications. Let’s check it out. In order to use the live reload feature, you have to use the version 3 of the WildFly Bootable Jar plugin: … Read more

A simple example of MicroProfile REST Client API

MicroProfile REST Client API provides a type-safe approach to invoke RESTful services over HTTP. It relies on JAX-RS APIs for consistency and easier reuse, therefore you won’t need a specific extension to be added in WildFly to use this API. Let’s see a sample application which is composed of a Server Endpoint and a REST … Read more

Getting started with OpenAPI on WildFly

The Microprofile OpenAPI can be used to document your REST endpoint using annotations or a pre-generated JSON in a standard way. In this tutorial we will learn how to leverage this API on applications deployed on WildFly. Documenting REST Services is extremely useful since, as it follows a standard, it can be used in a … Read more

How to build and deploy Microprofile applications on Wildfly

WildFly provides support with the latest version of Microprofile API. This means you can combine the Jakarta EE API which is included in WildFly modules with the MicroProfile API to provide advanced Enterprise application. Let’s check in this tutorial how to build applications which use the Microprofile API. The recommended way to build and deploy … Read more