Creating a DataScroller with Primefaces

In this tutorial you will learn how to use a Primefaces DataScroller to let your application load additional set of Data as you scroll down the Web page (on Demand scrolling). This component is available since Primefaces 5. The structure of the component dataScroller is quite similar to a dataTable. The key attribute of it … Read more

Dynamic PrimeFaces detail forms

In my last post – Dynamic PrimeFaces Datatables –     I have explained how to use Java Reflection to dynamically generate PrimeFaces DataTables. In this article we are going to use the same technique to create dynamic detail forms. In our following examples we will use the DynaForm component of the PrimeFacex Extensions project. As you … Read more

Dynamic PrimeFaces Datatables

In this post I will explain how to use Java Reflection to extract PrimeFaces models from POJO classes. Specifically we will create a dynamic DataTable using the p:columns component.  Setup Using reflection could be quite tediuos, luckily for us theres the Apache Commons BeanUtils API. This library helps us to dynamically read the properties of our … Read more

Extending PrimeFaces: AJAX

This is the last of a series of posts (Extending PrimeFaces components is the first one, here the second one) with the purpose of explaining how to use PrimeFaces as an API to create new JSF components. Our main focus in this article is to add AJAX listeners to our components. The component that we are going … Read more

Extending PrimeFaces components

  The purpose of this post is to show how we can use PrimeFaces base classes to create new custom components. In a nutshell we will see how to extend PrimeFaces. We will do that by developing a simplified version of the PrimeFaces Extensions Analogclock. Let’s start with the component class: @FacesComponent(value = AnalogClock.COMPONENT_TYPE) @ResourceDependencies({ … Read more

HelloWorld Primefaces tutorial

This tutorial shows how to get started quickly with Primefaces with a basic Hello World example that will be deployed on WildFly application server. This tutorial is broken in two parts: the first one is an hello world example of Primefaces developed using Eclipse and downloading the library manually. The second helloworld example is engineered … Read more

Develop mobile Java EE applications using Primefaces

In this tutorial we will learn how to develop a simple Web application for Mobile devices using PrimeFaces mobile extension as JSF API. Today mobile Web traffic is dramatically on the rise, and creating a smooth mobile experience is at the top for every Web master. In spite of slow networks, mobile users expect a … Read more

PrimeFaces tutorial

Do you need to get started quickly with a light, easy to integrate, rich JSF library ? then PrimeFaces might be what you are looking for! Today there are several JSF libraries available for your Java EE applications (Richfaces, IceFaces). There is no clear winner as every library excel on some points while it can … Read more