Introduction to Zookeeper

What is Zookeeper ? Apache ZooKeeper is an opensource project which can be used to develop a highly scalable, robust and reliable centralized service to implement coordination in a distributed environment. It enables application developers to concentrate on the core business logic of their applications and let the ZooKeeper service to get the coordination part … Read more

Zookeeper tutorial

In this ZooKeeper tutorial we will learn how to download, install and move our first steps with Zookeeper distributed coordination system. ZooKeeper is implemented in Java and requires Java 6 or later versions to run. While Oracle’s version of Java is recommended, OpenJDK should also work fine for the correct functioning of ZooKeeper Oracle’s version … Read more

Clustering Zookeeper

In this tutorial we have learnt how to set up a ZooKeeper server instance in standalone mode: Zookeeper quickstart. A standalone instance is a potential single point of failure. If the ZooKeeper server fails, the whole application that was using the instance for its distributed coordination will fail and stop functioning. Hence, running ZooKeeper in … Read more