How to configure WildFly in Domain mode

In this article we will learn the basics of Domain mode configuration for WildFly application server / JBoss EAP covering the new Elytronbased configuration. In the second part of this article we will discuss the legacy Domain configuration.

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How to view the JNDI tree in WildFly

The naming subsystem provides an overview of the local JNDI namespace. The Jakarta EE platform specification defines the following JNDI contexts: java:comp – The namespace is scoped to the current component (i.e. EJB) java:module – Scoped to the current module java:app – Scoped to the current application java:global – Scoped to the application server In addition to the standard … Read more

Getting started with modules on WildFly

A WildFly module is a collection of classes and other resources packaged in a set of JAR files, along with the specification for it. The module specification exposes what the module exports or imports from other modules. Modules Types There are two kinds of modules: Statically Deployed Modules. which are available under $JBOSS_HOME/modules directory. Deployment … Read more

How to deploy MBeans in WildFly

This tutorial shows how to deploy MBeans , bundled in SAR files, on the top of WildFly / JBoss application server. What is a SAR archive? You can use SAR archive to deploy a service component in the application server without dependency on other components. You can create a separate component as a SAR file … Read more

How to install WildFly on Linux

This tutorial will teach you how to install the latest release of WildFly application server on a Linux box. The pre-requisite to install WildFly is that you have available a JDK on your machine.  Installing Java The most heavily tested SE options for WildFly are still Java 11 and Java 8, because both WildFly and … Read more

A Thread pattern for JBoss Enterprise applications

Using Threads in your Enterprise applications has been traditionally discouraged as it might conflict with the Application Server’s own threads. Nevertheless with the introduction of the Asynchronous EJBs it is possible to explore new design patterns which allow managing your thread pool from within the EJB container.    Important notice: this tutorial requires JBoss AS … Read more

Discover JBoss AS 7 modularity

This tutorial provides a low-level view of JBoss AS 7 class loading mechanism which is based on the JBoss Modules project.  The Java Classloader is a part of the Java Runtime Environment that dynamically loads Java classes into the Java Virtual Machine. However there are some various ways in which the classloading process can end … Read more