How to create a Maven project from Eclipse

Maven is a popular build automation tool used primarily for Java-based projects, one of the most widely used programming languages. When it comes to Java development, Eclipse is a commonly used integrated development environment (IDE). Basics of Eclipse Eclipse is a powerful IDE widely used for Java and Android application development. It offers an excellent … Read more

Introduction to Maven Daemon (mvnd)

Maven Daemon (mvnd) is a background process that can speed up Maven builds by keeping a daemon process running in the background. This allows Maven to start up faster, as it does not have to initialize the build process from scratch for each build. In this tutorial, we will cover how to install and configure mvnd, as well as how to use it to speed up your Maven builds.

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How to create a Web application from the command line

One of the simplest choices to create a Java Web application with Maven is the maven-archetype-webapp. This archetype provides a minimal skeleton for creating a Web application. To create an application using this archetype in batch mode, you can use the following command: Here is the resulting project: Within the webapp folder, you can add … Read more

How to use the Maven wrapper in your projects

What is the shell script mvnw in your project directory?The Maven Wrapper is a simple way to run Maven on your machine, without manual installation of Maven. Why should we use that? Maven has been avery stable for users, and it is quite simple to install: however, due to many of the recent changes in … Read more

How to invoke a Maven plugin from the Command Line?

In this short tech tip, we will learn how to call a Maven plugin from the Command Line (i.e. a Plugin which is not included in your pom.xml file) With maven, you normally invoke plugin’s goals in this way: mvn myplugin:myGoal  so, for example, if you have declared the WildFly Maven plugin in your configuration: … Read more

How to deploy applications to WildFly using Cargo

Cargo is a thin wrapper that allows you to manipulate various type of application containers (Java EE and others) in a standard way. In this tutorial we will learn how to use it to deploy applications on WildFly from your pom file. Cargo provides the following APIs and tools: A Java API to start/stop/configure any … Read more

Configure a local Nexus repository Manager for your JBoss/WildFly artifacts

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure a dedicated Nexus repository Manager to be as proxy server for JBoss’Maven public repository. A Repository Manager is a dedicated server application which can be used to manage repositories of binary components. Using a repository Manager is commonly referred as a best practice providing the following … Read more

Solving the @Resource lookup compilation issue

One common issue that Java EE 6 developers meet is the use of the @Resource annotation which conflicts with the JDK built-in  @javax.annotation.Resource. Here we will show how to solve the compilation issue in Eclipse and Maven. If you have a look at the @Resource annotation included in Java EE 6, it includes  the lookup … Read more