Which is WildFly latest version?

The latest version of WildFly Application server – as of – is version . You can download the latest version of WildFly from the official site: https://www.wildfly.org/downloads/ Alternatively, you can use the Galleon tool to install the whole distribution or some specific layers. To learn more about it check this article: Provisioning WildFly with Galleon … Read more

WildFly Performance tuning book available!

The latest release of WildFly Performance tuning book is available on ItBuzzpress: Chapter 1: Introduces to the basic strategies for tuning, describing how data should be initially gathered, analyzed and verified Chapter 2: Discusses the tools that can be used to monitor the performance of the application server,from the standard JMX toolings to ELK stacks … Read more

JBoss AS 7 development book available!

Just published! I’m pleased to inform you that the JBoss AS 7 development book has been published today!It’s a complete guide for JBoss developers covering everything from basic installation to creating, debugging, and securing Java EE applications on JBoss AS 7 Here follows the table of contents: Chapter 1, Getting Started with JBoss AS 7, … Read more

JBoss AS 7 book published !

Discover the new features of JBoss AS 7 with the new book “JBoss AS7 administration configuration and deployment”. Available now ! Based on the latest 7.1.0 Beta release of the application server, this book will will give you a complete understanding of every component that makes up the JBoss application server, and will show you … Read more

JBoss AS 7 book updates

Anything changed in the AS7 after the AS7 book has been published ? don’t panic, We will not leave you alone! Here you will find all the updates that happened in the AS7 platform after the book has been printed. Here you will find also the errata which are contained in the book.   New … Read more

JBoss AS 7 book soon to be published

Looking for one more reason to love JBoss AS 7 ? I’ll try to provide one ! I’m really excited to announce the new “JBoss AS 7  Administration Configuration and Deployment” book which is half way from being completed and is due to be out Dec 2011/Jan 2012.   Edited by Packt Publishing, the book  … Read more

Announcing JBoss performance tuning book

JBoss Application server is the most popular open-source Java application server, renamed as WildFly. This book has been updated (May 2021) to guide you in improving the performance of modern applications running on the top of it, covering details such as: Get the most from the environment where WildFly is running Monitor and optimize the JVM by … Read more