Using JConsole to monitor a remote WildFly server

This quick tutorial shows how to monitor a remote WildFly application server in Standalone and Domain mode using the JConsole tool.   Connecting to a remote WildFly Server in Standalone Mode The first thing you need to do is setting up a management user on the remote WildFly server using the script: What type of user … Read more

Faces Flow tutorial

This tutorial discusses about Faces Flow which is an addition to Java Server Faces 2.2, included in the Java EE 7 stack. Faces Flow has been inspired by the popular Spring Flow framework and as such it is not intended to be a replacement for the Web application navigation system; rather Faces Flow can be … Read more

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Intra-Servlet Communication

Sometimes you may need that a Servlet hands off its job to another Servlet or JSP. Intra Servlet communication can be done by means of a Dispatcher or by Redirecting the initial request. Dispatching is done by means of Dispatcher object which allows to complete the request without actually redirecting to user to another site, … Read more

Using Log4J 1.x with WildFly and JBoss EAP

This article discusses how to use the Log4j 1.x with WildFly / JBoss EAP applications. We will show the basic configuration steps and we will deploy a sample application on WildFly. Log4j 1.x has reached EOL Please note that log4j 1.x is no longer supported by the Apache Software Foundation. While it may still function … Read more

Running WildFly with JDK 8

The JDK 1.8 early access is available for download at Oracle’s site. In this short tutorial we will try to use it to start up Wildfly 8 application server.   So once downloaded, installed and configured JAVA_HOME to point to the new JDK 8, let’s now start wildfly 8. The first change that we notice is … Read more

Introduction to jBPM 6

This tutorial is an introduction to the jBPM 6 platform which has now reached its final release, bringing lots of power to your business processes. For those which are new to jBPM, you should be aware that jBPM is a Business Process Engine that allows defining executing an monitoring your business processes. jBPM is distributed … Read more

Monitoring transactions with JBoss-WildFly AS

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to retrieve Transaction information from your Java EE applications running on JBoss/WildFly and how to combine this information with the Narayana Transaction Analyser application. By default the javax.transaction API does not expose details about the single Transaction id which are running on the application server. However, if you … Read more

Using Transactions in CDI Beans

Before Java EE 7, EJBs were the only component that supported declarative transactions. This made your CDI beans a popular option when used as a glue between the JSF side and the EJB side, which was in charge to complete the transactions declaratively. So, in other words you could choose to either bloat your CDI … Read more

Maven configuration for Java EE 7 projects on WildFly

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure Maven Project Object Module (pom.xml) so that you can easily build and deploy your applications running on WildFly. In order to do that we will use the following BOM which is available in Maven Central Repository: What is a BOM ? A BOM is also … Read more

Clustering activiti BPMN

In this interview Activiti‘s project lead Tijs Rademakers discusses about best practices for running Activiti BPMN 2.0 solution as part of a cluster of application server nodes.   The Activiti BPM solution is a well adopted and consolidated solution in the Java EE arena. As most of the Enterprise applications running in production are configured to … Read more