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We would like to hire new authors for our articles so that our site keeps growing. So we are looking for a sponsorship interested in having banners in the home page of
Each banner will be displayed in every article of this site, therefore you are guaranteed to have from 150.000 views in a month!
We can provide a flexible advertising policy. You can purchase a banner in the following positions:
Each banner you purchase will be displayed in every page of (Left banners) and within every article displayed (Top and Bottom of article banners).
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Ad unit 3 months
6 months
1 Year
Left Banner Top  200 €  400 € 750 €
Left Banner Bottom  200 €  400 € 750 €
Top of article  225 €  450 € 850 €
Bottom of article  225 €  450 € 850 €
For additional information and to rent your banner contact me at: [email protected]