Are you facing a lot of Java archives and you don't know how they relate ? do you need to know in which archive(s) a class is located or if it is missing from the class-path ? Let JBoss Tattletale help you !
I have got the idea of writing a small tutorial about JBoss Tattletale from an useful post found in the JBoss forum:  (Thanks to PeterJ for providing the feedback)

JBoss Tattletale helps you to identify dependancies in your project or in existing standard API. This is particularly important when you are developing a client application that requires some jar files which are in turn dependant on other jar files.

It generates a nice report of all class dependancies thus improving the quality of your software by stating duplicate classes and black list classes.

To get started download a copy of Tattletale from Sourceforge

Download Tattletale

Now unzip the file in a convenient folder.
All you need to do is launching the main class passing as argument:
  • the folder where your archives are contained.
  • the folder where the output report will be generated.

To generate a report of JBoss 5 jar client class dependancies:

java -Xmx512m -jar c:\jboss-tattletale-1.0.0.GA\jboss-tattletale.jar C:\jboss-5.0.0.GA\client c:\output

This will create several files and folders into c:\output

Launch with your browser the file c:\output\index.html and explore the report.

jboss client jar
The above section of the menu will display all class dependancies.
Select the link "Dependants". This will display all required jar class by your application.

For example, supposing you need to reference log4j in your project, from the above menu you can see all required dependancies:

jboss client jar


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