Updated version of WildFly Administration guide available!

Fresh take on WildFly Administration Guide ! An updated version of the book is available, covering all the details of the latest version of the application server (WildFly 32) !

Are you ready to unlock the power of WildFly 32, the most popular application server?

The all-new WildFly Administration Guide has been updated to cover everything you need to know about WildFly 32, including:

  • In-depth exploration of new features in Tooling, Security, and Core Server Infrastructure.
  • Insights into upcoming Jakarta EE 11 changes: Get a preview on the future of Java enterprise development.
  • Proven best practices and expert guidance to help you manage your WildFly applications effectively.

Whether you’re a seasoned WildFly administrator or just getting started, this book is your companion for mastering WildFly 32.

Order your copy today while it’s hot!

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