What is Infinispan ? a quick introduction

What is Infinispan ? In a nutshell, Infinispan is an open source data grid platform written in Java which exposes a JSR-107 compatible cache interface in which you can store objects. There are several use cases for Infinispan: let’s discuss the three most common use cases: Using Infinispan as a Cache Firstly, Infinispan can be … Read more

Clustering Infinispan made simple

This tutorial will discuss how to configure and start an Infinispan cluster. As next step, we will show how to connect to the cluster remotely using a Java application. Infinispan uses the JGroups library to provide network communication capabilities. JGroups is a toolkit for reliable group communication and provides many useful features and enables cluster … Read more

Coding Filters and Interceptors for your RESTFul services

Jakarta Restful Web Services includes an Interceptor API that allows developers to intercept request and response processing. This allows addressing some advanced concepts like authentication, caching, and compressing without polluting application code. Jakarta Restful Web Services define two broad categories to intercept requests and responses: Filters and Entity Interceptors. Filters are used to modify or … Read more

How to create a Web application from the command line

One of the simplest choices to create a Java Web application with Maven is the maven-archetype-webapp. This archetype provides a minimal skeleton for creating a Web application. To create an application using this archetype in batch mode, you can use the following command: Here is the resulting project: Within the webapp folder, you can add … Read more

Infinispan REST API made simple

Infinispan servers provide RESTful HTTP access to data via a REST module built on Netty. In this tutorial we will learn how to use it to manage Cache data with regards to all major Infinispan versions starting from the latest version. Using Infinispan REST API (latest version) REST endpoints listen on port 11222 by default. … Read more

Getting started with REST Services using RESTEasy

A REST API, also known as a RESTful API, is an application programming interface that conforms to the constraints of the REST architectural style. When a client sends a request using a RESTful API, it transfers a representative state of the resource to the requester or endpoint. The information can use several formats, such as: … Read more

REST CRUD application with JPA | A complete example

This tutorial will teach you how to create an example REST (JAX-RS) CRUD application (to be run on the top of WildFly application server) which uses JPA to store your Resources. Building the CRUD JAX-RS Service Our JAX-RS Service will use the following HTTP methods to send and retrieve data from/to the server: GET: The GET … Read more

How to use the Maven wrapper in your projects

What is the shell script mvnw in your project directory?The Maven Wrapper is a simple way to run Maven on your machine, without manual installation of Maven. Why should we use that? Maven has been avery stable for users, and it is quite simple to install: however, due to many of the recent changes in … Read more

How to capture Data changes with Debezium

This tutorial will teach you how to use Debezium to capture changes from a Database. When a change happens in the database, you will see the resulting event streams captured by a Microprofile compatible Quarkus applications. Debezium is a set of connectors for Apache Kafka Connect. Each connector ingests changes from a different database by … Read more

Using JBoss Transaction Manager in a Spring application

In this tutorial we will learn how to use JBoss Transaction Manager on the top of Spring’s transaction management abstractions. The Spring framework allows pluggable transaction managers. However, iIf you need XA support for your Spring applications, then you need to plug in a transaction manager such as JBossTS. Let’s see how to configure JBoss … Read more