Announcing JBoss performance tuning book

I’m glad to announce to the community of JBoss users that by the end of 2010 will be available the first book enterely dedicated to JBoss (and its embedded Tomcat) performance tuning.

The book will be published by Packt Publishing and will cover the following topics:


  • 1 Performance concepts
  • 2 Installing the tools for monitoring server applications
  • 3 Core JVM tuning
  • 4 Core JBoss Application Server tuning
  • 5 Tuning JBoss AS middleware services
  • 6 Tuning JBoss persistence layer (Hibernate / Entities)
  • 7 Tuning JBoss AS clustered applications
  • 8 Tuning the embedded Tomcat Web Server for optimal performance
  • 9 Tuning the JSP/Servlet and specific Java Server Faces implementations (Richfaces)
I’ll put all my efforts to make the book a precious resource for developers/architects and whoever is in charge to improve the performance of applications on JBoss AS / Tomcat.
Stay Tuned !!!