JBoss Books

WildFly Administration Guide

WildFly is the most popular open-source Java application server. This book is an in-depth guide to the administration and management of the of the application server, covering all of the latest architectural and management changes such as:

  • How to achieve High Availability of your WildFly cluster
  • How to configure the newest subsystems (agroal, mp subsystems)
  • Delivering advanced and leak-proof Datasource configuration
  • Provisioning custom Server distributions with Galleon tool.
  • Using the Undertow Web server as front-end for mod_cluster and as Reverse Proxy Server
  • Migrating your older legacy configurations to WildFly newer subsystems
  • Securing the application server with Elytron Framework
  • Configuring a robust JMS cluster with Apache Artemis MQ
  • Running WildFly in the cloud with Openshift and CRC
  • Configuring Eclipse Micro Profiles
  • and much more, with improved online examples!

Practical Enterprise development

jakarta ee

A hands-on practical guide disclosing all areas of Enterprise development, covering details about Jakarta EE with lots of examples to be run on the full distribution of WildFly application server or using WildFly Bootable Jar as a Microservice.

The first part of the book covers everything from the foundation components (EJB, Servlets, CDI, JPA) to the new technology stack defined in Java Enterprise Edition (now Jakarta EE 8), including the new Batch API, JSON-P API, the Concurrency API,Web Sockets, the JMS 2.0 API, the core Web services stack (Jakarta REST Services, Jakarta SOAP Services). The testing area with Arquillian framework and the Security API is also fully covered in this part. At the end of this part, you will be able to create and deploy Enterprise applications on the top of Jakarta EE 8 runtimes (WildFly 21) and Jakarta EE 9 (WildFly 22 or newer).

The second part of the book discusses how to integrate the Jakarta Enterprise API with the Microprofile specification, to provide essential services to develop robust microservices such as the Configuration API, the Health API, the Fault tolerance API, the OpenAPI and Tracing API, the Metrics API, JWT Authentication API and REST Client API.

Finally, the third book covers how to build Microservices using WildFly Bootable jar technology and how to deploy them on the cloud with Red Hat OpenShift.

What you will learn from this book:

  • Everything you need to know about Java EE, Jakarta EE 8 and MicroProfile API
  • How to set up your development environment to build Enterprise applications and Microservices on the top of WildFly.
  • How to use Maven plugin to simplify your project scaffolding
  • Learning the foundation components that constitute the backbone of your applications: EJB, CDI, JPA, JAX-RS, JAX-WS
  • Learn how to build loosely coupled applications using the straightforward JMS 2.0 API
  • Learn how to test your applications with Arquillian in a managed environment, remote environment and even on the cloud!
  • Discover how to develop Concurrent and Compliant Java EE applications using the Concurrency API and how to define Batch Jobs using WildFly’s implementation of JSR
  • Secure all kind of applications (Web/EJB) with standard and custom login modules. How to encrypt the communication of EJB applications and Web applications.
  • How to enhance your Jakarta EE stack with Microprofile API to build robust Microservices
  • How to turn your Jakarta EE applications in Microservices using WildFly bootable jar.

WildFly Performance Tuning

JBoss Application server is the most popular open-source Java application server, renamed as WildFly. This book has been updated (May 2021) to guide you in improving the performance of modern applications running on the top of it, covering details such as:

  • Get the most from the environment where WildFly is running
  • Monitor and optimize the JVM by analyzing its behavior
  • Learn various tools to monitor WildFly
  • Monitor and tune various subsystems included within WildFly
  • Know the pros and cons of application server settings
  • Discover low level details to tune a clustered WildFly environment
  • …and much more!