Quarkus Cloud Native Development Course

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Course Description

Explore the realm of cloud-native applications with our Quarkus-focused training. Dive into a hands-on experience that demystifies cloud-native development, emphasizing practical skills over complex theories. Discover how Quarkus, a powerful Java framework, revolutionizes application development, offering agility, efficiency, and seamless integration with cloud technologies.

Practical Learning for Real-World Applications

Our training isn’t about lectures—it’s hands-on, practical, and purpose-driven. Engage in immersive sessions where you’ll deploy real applications into the cloud using Quarkus. Learn how to leverage containerization and Kubernetes orchestration, unlocking the potential for resilient, scalable, and adaptable applications that resonate in modern tech landscapes.

Simplifying the Complexities of Cloud-Native Engineering

No jargon, no confusion—just a clear understanding of cloud-native development. Master Quarkus, a game-changer in Java development, and comprehend its nuances without overwhelming technicalities. Embrace simplicity in a training that empowers you to build applications that thrive in dynamic, distributed environments.

Empowering Your Journey in Future-Ready Development

Step into the future of software engineering by mastering Quarkus cloud-native development. As technology evolves, equip yourself with the skills and insights needed to lead innovation. This training isn’t just about learning—it’s about arming yourself with the tools and expertise to design, deploy, and manage applications that stand the test of time in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Who is this training for ?

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Java Devs

This training is a gateway for Java developers seeking a fresh perspective on application development. Dive into Quarkus and embrace its efficiency, agility, and cloud-native capabilities.

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Cloud Architects

Elevate your architectural prowess with insights into Quarkus cloud-native development. Explore the fusion of microservices, containers, and serverless architectures within Quarkus.

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Dev Ops Engineers

Acquire the expertise to streamline the deployment and integration of cloud-native applications, optimizing the continuous delivery process.

What will you learn in this Course

Quarkus fundamentals

Understand the core concepts and principles behind Quarkus, exploring its lightweight, cloud-native architecture, and how it revolutionizes Java development.

Microservices with Quarkus

Explore the creation and deployment of microservices using Quarkus, understanding its role in building scalable and resilient applications.

Testing made simple

Dive into testing strategies and quality assurance techniques specific to Quarkus applications, ensuring robustness, reliability, and scalability.

Efficient Application Development

Learn to develop high-performance applications with Quarkus, leveraging its rapid startup times, low memory consumption, and seamless integration with cloud technologies.

Integration with EIS

Discover how to integrate Quarkus with various extensions and external services, enabling efficient interaction with databases, messaging systems, and other cloud-native technologies..

Cloud Delivery

Master the deployment of Quarkus applications in cloud environments, utilizing containerization, Kubernetes, and continuous integration practices for efficient deployment workflows.

Course duration

The course is usually delivered in four days.


Upon completion of this course, you will be gain the essential skills and practical knowledge needed to harness the power of Quarkus in developing efficient, scalable, and cloud-native Java applications.

Class Format

Lecture / Hands-on Labs

Delivered in: English or Italian

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