Modern Java Pocket Guide available

Calling all Java enthusiasts! I’m excited to share that my latest tiny ebook is now live—a concise reference guide covering all the top features in Java from version 8 to the upcoming version 22! 🚀

Let’s face it: Java has added a tremendous number of new features from version 8 up to the upcoming version 22. This gives to developers an immense power. And, as you know, all powers come with a price! Managing such a vast and diverse array of features can be challenging, whether you are developing or preparing for a Java interview.

From Cheatsheets to Pocket Guide:

Recognizing this challenge, I started to create small Java cheatsheets for each new feature, ensuring that they not only highlighting the essentials but also addressed common pitfalls. Picture having quick references at your fingertips—now, that’s a game-changer!

As the cheatsheets piled up, I decided to take things a step further. I organized them by version, making sure they were not only visually pleasing but also simple to access. And voila!

java cheatsheets

What to Expect in Your Pocket Guide:

In this pocket guide, you’ll discover over 40 cheatsheets, each packed with practical examples, covering the top features from Java 8 to 22. It’s a handy toolkit designed to empower developers and anyone going for a Java-centric interview.

Why You Need This Guide:

  • Efficiency Boost: Quickly access the features you need without drowning in information.
  • Visual Appeal: Enjoy visually pleasing cheatsheets that make learning a breeze.
  • Real-World Examples: Practical examples ensure you understand how to apply these features in your projects.
  • Avoid Pitfalls: Learn about common pitfalls and how to navigate around them.

Topics discussed in this book:

  • Lambda Expressions ​
  • Lambda Expressions Examples ​
  • Java Reference Methods ​
  • Streams and PipeLines ​
  • Streams Intermediate Operations Examples ​
  • java.util.Function package​
  • Optional (1)​
  • Optional (2)​
  • Java Default methods​
  • Repeating annotations ​
  • Java Type Annotations ​
  • Java Modules ​
  • Module configuration ​
  • jshell​
  • Try-with-resources ​
  • Java Immutable and Fixed sized collections ​
  • Java Flow API ​
  • Local variable type inference​
  • New Collection.toArray() method ​​
  • New String methods ​​
  • Files.readString() and writeString() ​​
  • Path.of() static method ​​
  • ​
  • New String methods ​
  • Teeing Collector​
  • Files mismatch ​
  • JFR Event Streaming ​​
  • Enhanced Switch Expressions ​
  • Helpful NPE Messages​
  • Java Text Blocks ​​
  • Hidden Classes​
  • Java Records ​
  • Pattern matching instanceof ​​
  • Java Vector API (Incubator) ​​​
  • Pattern Matching for Switch Expressions Clock and Clock and InstantSource ​
  • Hex Formatting and Parsing ​
  • Pseudo Random Generators ​
  • Deserialization Filter ​
  • Sealed Classes ​
  • Java Foreign Function and Memory API (Preview)​
  • Java Code Snippets ​
  • Java Web Server​
  • String Templates ​​
  • Record Patterns ​​
  • Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview) ​​
  • Virtual Threads (1) ​​
  • Virtual Threads (2) ​​
  • Structured concurrency (Preview) ​​
  • Scoped Values (Preview) ​
  • Unnamed Variables & Patterns (Preview) ​​
  • Multi-File Source-Code Programs (Preview) ​​
  • Statements before super (Preview) ​​
  • Stream Gatherers (Preview)

The Modern Java Pocket Guide is just a click away from you. at a budget price:

modern java reference guide cheatsheet