How to fix Log4j CVE-2021-44228

This security bulletin discusses the recent flaws in Log4j2 library which affects some recent versions of this opensource library. Let’s see how to perform checks and mitigation actions if your Java applications are using a flawed Log4j2 version.

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Where are JBoss logs located?

We will shortly discuss where JBoss EAP / WildFly logs are located. The location of JBoss logs basically depends on which mode you are using to start the application server. View logs in standalone mode When running in standalone mode, JBoss logs are located in the standalone/log folder: As you can see, the currently running … Read more

5 WildFly Loggers you should know about

in WildFly and JBoss EAP Loggers are used to log messages by defining a category generally consisting of a package name or a class name. In short, they can let you customize the logging events for a package or Class name. We will see 5 Loggers which I’ve found pretty useful in my work. org.jboss.remoting.remote … Read more

How to configure log4j in your ear ?

This article is now obsolete. We recommend checking these resources to learn bout log4j configuration with JBoss / WildFly: How to use Log4j2 in your WildFly applications Using Log4J with WildFly and JBoss EAP Have you got exceptions when tried to configure log4j at application level ? this is due to the fact that JBoss ships … Read more

Create a Custom Camel logging handler for WildFly

A Custom logging handler allows you to define a custom destination for your WildFly / JBoss AS 7 server logging events. You would typically define a custom hanlder to log to a Socket, a Database, to a remote location or a JMS Queue. In this tutorial we will learn how to base your custom handler … Read more

Use Camel to handle your WildFly logs

Many of you have heard about Camel rule based and mediation engine. On this tutorial we will show how to unleash its power to handle the logs from WildFly 9! First of all, if you need a quickstart tutorial about Camel here is an Hello World Camel quickstart In order to trigger Came routes, we will … Read more