Developing applications with Infinispan in Library Mode

In this tutorial we want to give some guidelines on developing applications with Infinispan or the supported version named JBoss Data Grid. First of all, make a bookmark on the following page which contains the demo quickstart applications, configured to run on JBoss Data Grid: The main difference, if you want to run the above … Read more

Create Stored Tasks on Infinispan 8

This tutorial will teach you how to use Stored Tasks in Infinispan 8 which can be executed from an Hot Rod Client, much the same way you can execute a Stored Procedure on a Database Stored Tasks are functions which can be deployed on a Server cache and executed locally. They are especially useful in … Read more

Infinispan 8 Web Console

INFO: This tutorial is outdated. The recommended way to Manage Infinispan 10 or newer is by means of the Command Line Interface or the REST Interface. We recommend checking the following tutorial: Getting started with Infinispan Command Line Interface One of the new features introduced in Infinispan 8 release is the web based management console … Read more

Connecting to a Remote Infinispan Server using Hot Rod

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure and use Infinispan 8.1 and use some of its API. The server version of Infinispan is available at: Behind the hoods the new server version is bundled into a WildFly installation, therefore you will have to configure Infinispan through the infinispan subsystem. The standalone server … Read more

Monitoring WildFly’s Infinispan caches

In this tutorial we will learn how to monitor the Embedded Infinispan Caches contained in JBoss EAP / WildFly using Infinispan Listeners. An org.infinispan.notifications.Listener is a key element of Infinispan infrastructure. You can define a new Listener by means of the @org.infinispan.notifications.Listener annotation. Objects annotated with this annotation can be attached to a running Cache … Read more

Using Infinispan Query API

Applications using a NoSQL storage often need to query data using a full-text search that can be hardly accomplished using traditional RDBMS. This tutorial shows how to use Infinispan Query module in order to search through data added to the cache using an Object oriented fluent API. In order to do its job, Infinispan uses behind … Read more

Using Infinispan with WildFly

The Infinispan subsystem provides caching support for HA services in the form of Infinispan caches such as high-performance, transactional caches which can operate in both non-distributed and distributed scenarios. WildFly application server ships with the Infinispan subsystem, however, it is recommended not to use the application server cache definition as repository for your Cache. This … Read more

Infinispan tutorial for beginners

Warning: this tutorial has been written for an old version of Infinispan and it’s now obsolete. We recommend to check the following tutorials to get started quickly with Infinispan: What is Infinispan ? a quick introduction Getting Started with Infinispan data grid -the right way Clustering Infinispan made simple In this tutorial we will cover … Read more