How to initialize an Array in Java in 4 simple ways

This article discusses about array initialization in Java, showing multiple ways to initialize an array, some of them you probably don’t know! How to declare an array in Java Firstly, some background. Java classifies types as primitive types, user-defined types, and array types. An array type is a region of memory that stores values in … Read more

How to solve the error “invalid target release: 17”

This article shows how to fix the compilation issue that you can hit when the target Java release specified in your Maven configuration does not match the version of Java installed on your system. For example, your environment uses Java 11 but your Maven configuration requires Java 17.

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Top 5 solutions for Java Http Clients


There are several ways to create an HTTP client in Java. In this tutorial, we will explore five different options for creating an HTTP client in Java, ranging from low-level libraries to high-level frameworks.

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Getting started with gRPC on Java

This article is an introduction to gRPC framework which allows to connect services across data centers using high performance Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). To learn the building blocks of this framework, we will show how to create and test your first gRPC application in Java.

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