WebSocket HelloWorld example

Web applications were originally based on the request/response pattern: the client sends a request and the server processes data before sending a response; hence, the client is forced to wait for a server response. The main disadvantage of this approach is that a full reload of the web page is required between each request and … Read more

Websockets: using Encoders and Decoders

This second tutorial about Websocket will illustrate how you can use Encoders/Decoders in order to transmit complex structures between your peers. A Websocket can use a Decoder to transform a text message into a Java object and then handle it in the @OnMessage method; whenever an object is written to the Session, a Websocket will … Read more

WebSockets tutorial on Wildfly 8

WebSockets are a new way for Web clients to communicate with servers and vice versa, without the overhead of an HTTP protocol. Using a WebSocket connection, Web applications can perform real-time communication instead of having to poll for changes back and forth. WebSockets feature a full duplex bi-directional communication between the server and the client … Read more