Using the Drools Guvnor Repository to store your Rules

Guvnor is the business rules manager included with Drools to manage knowledge and to be a centralized repository for Drools knowledge bases. In this tutorial we will show how to upload and use some rules in its repository. In order to get started you need at first to install the Guvnor repository into JBoss AS … Read more

How to create time based rules

In this tutorial we will learn how to create time based rules using Drools rules engine. When combined with a timer, a Drools rule can be an useful option, to monitor some attributes and perform some actions accordingly.  Let’s see at first an example of Drools rules  which can be activated on a timer configuration: … Read more

What is a rule engine ?

A rule engine is a piece of software that executes rules according to some algorithm. A rule engine combines a set of facts that are inserted in to the system with its own Rule Set to reach a conclusion of triggering one or several actions. These rules typically describe in a declarative manner the business logic which needs to be implemented in our environment (which we assume rarely changes). The facts, on the other had, describe the conditions of the system that is to be operated on; they may change frequently.

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